The client will pay in advance all the charges corresponding to the service contracted to Marketing Strategies. As well as paying in advance the subsequent charges for services on the day of the expiration of the contracted term while your subscription lasts.
Marketing Strategies offers to the clients with accounts of recent creation in the company a period of fourteen (14) days of guarantee of return of the money, the client accepts that all the payments made are final and not reversible, once this period had been surpassed, Marketing Strategies cannot nor will order that the funds are returned to the client in case this one believes that the payment was made by mistake and had not requested the return of his money before the 14 days of term.

The client must notify Marketing Strategies of any change in his/her personal or financial data that prevents the company from charging for the service contracted.
The company may deny, temporarily suspend or eliminate the contracted service in case the client fails to honor the corresponding payments according to these terms of service.
The client accepts that the validity periods of their service will be automatically renewed once the contracted period ends unless a cancellation request has been received by Marketing Strategies following the procedure described in this document. Therefore, the client accepts that any charge made for the renewal of the contracted period is appropriate and releases Marketing Strategies from any dispute over such charge.
Marketing Strategies guarantees that although the prices and characteristics of the services may vary, such variation will not affect the price in which the same was contracted by the client, unless the client had not renewed the service within the established period and the service is cancelled/suspended by Marketing Strategies or the service is cancelled voluntarily by the client.

Marketing Strategies will send the invoice for the renewal of the services with monthly billing cycle 7 days before the expiration of the same one, for clients with quarterly, half-yearly, annual billing cycles and for the renewal of domains, the invoice will be sent 5 days before the expiration, also a payment reminder will be sent 2 days before the expiration.
In case the client does not pay the service on the deadline, Marketing Strategies, will send up to 3 notifications so that the client can pay the pending invoice, in case the client ignores the notifications Marketing Strategies will proceed to suspend the service 5 days after the expiration date, the account will be completely eliminated from the system 15 days after the expiration date of the invoice.

Marketing Strategies will add a late fee (Late Fee) in case the client fails to honor the corresponding payments, this fee may vary between 5% and 10% of the total invoice and will be added to the pending invoice if it is due for more than or equal to 3 days; in case the service has been suspended, it will be reactivated only after the customer pays the outstanding invoice(s) and its (their) respective late fee(s) (Late Fee) if any.
In the event that companies such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram establish a fee for services that are currently free, it will be passed on to the customer without any additional charge.



All the promotions offered by Marketing Strategies are recurrent (unless otherwise indicated), that is to say, when contracting a product with a promotional price, the client will pay the same price for all the time that the product remains active, unless the client had not renewed the product within the established terms and the service is cancelled/suspended by Marketing Strategies or the service is cancelled voluntarily by the client. The promotion will be valid only while the service is active, if the service is suspended due to abuse or non-payment the promotion with which it could have been contracted will become void.



This agreement will be valid during the contracted period described in the client’s order (or in its defect 365 calendar days) and will be in force from the moment the service is ordered to Marketing Strategies. The agreement will be automatically renewed at the end of the contracted period unless the client notifies Marketing Strategies that he wishes to cancel the service by complying with the guidelines described in the section “Cancellation of the service”.



Cancellation of the service by the customer:

If the client wishes to cancel any service contracted with Marketing Strategies, he/she must send a cancellation request at least 8 days in advance. This notification will only be valid once confirmed its receipt by Marketing Strategies to the client.
The client is free to request Marketing Strategies to cancel the service at any time. A link is provided within the Client Area in the product administration section to request the cancellation of the service at any time.

Services other than web hosting plans, reseller hosting, streaming plans, virtual and dedicated servers, such as domain registration or acquisition of SSL certificates, Chat Systems (facebook, web, whatsapp, etc), Bulk Mail, Customer Service Bots, cannot be cancelled before the expiration of the term for which they were purchased because their renewal periods are annual.

In case the notification procedure described above is not fulfilled, the client authorizes Marketing Strategies to renew the service and process all the charges corresponding to the contracted service. This charge will not be refundable and the service will continue for the time charged.

In case the client uses automatic payment subscriptions, he must cancel the subscription immediately after requesting the cancellation of the service; this cancellation of the subscription must be done by the client from his account in the above mentioned payment services, the non-cancellation of the subscription will cause the automatic payment service to send the payment of the subscription on the date in which the subscription was created.



Marketing Strategies, may cancel the service contracted by the client according to its own criteria and without the need for prior notification to the client in the following cases:

-If the client has not fulfilled the payment in advance of its service for the contracted term

-If the customer has committed any violation of the commitments made in the “Terms and Conditions of Service”. In the case of services with Facebook, Instagram and/or WhatsApp if the customer has violated the “Terms of Service” of the above mentioned companies.

– Marketing Strategies is not and will not be responsible for the integrity of data in accounts that are cancelled, suspended, or disconnected due to non-payment or violation of any rule set forth in this document.

-The account may be suspended/cancelled in case of any fault of Marketing Strategies staff, this includes, but is not limited to verbal or written faults, any kind of racial or gender discrimination; our staff is at your service, but they are professional people in their area and deserve the same respect as the client.

-Accounts cancelled, suspended or disconnected due to any violation of the rules established in this agreement will NOT be able to request a refund because by violating this agreement they automatically lose all the guarantee offered by Marketing Strategies.

-If the client has not fulfilled his payments within 15 days after the expiration of his billing, the data stored in his account will be completely eliminated from our Data Center.



Marketing Strategies’s clients will not be able to use our servers for the storage of files that are not related to the client’s website, if any client’s account violates this directive the related content will be removed from the server, of course Marketing Strategies will make all the necessary efforts to contact the client before removing the involved files, however this can happen without previous notice.

The web hosting and reseller hosting plans offered by Marketing Strategies cannot be used for sending massive mail, the maximum amount of e-mails that an account can send will be negotiated with the client, all the sent messages must be requested by the receiver and it is strictly forbidden any sending of non-wished mail, also known as SPAM.
Chat Services (Web, Facebook, WhatsApp) as well as mass emails and digital media advertising are assigned a consumption quota, so if the customer exceeds the assigned quota, he must acquire more quota or wait the next month that the monthly consumption quota is restored.



Marketing Strategies may deny, temporarily suspend or eliminate the contracted service in case the client fails to honor the corresponding payments according to these terms of service.
In case the service is suspended by Marketing Strategies, the company will be able to exhibit an informative web page which will mention this suspension inside the web space contracted by the client or using the methods that it sees convenient.
If the service was suspended by Marketing Strategies and the client does not cancel the payments 15 days after the due date, the company will be able to eliminate all the data from the server, as well as the assigned consumption quotas and reuse the space and consumption quotas with other clients. Releasing from all responsibility Marketing Strategies for not having honored the payments in the established date.



Any change in plan/service must be notified to Marketing Strategies at least 8 working days before the next payment date. This notification will only be valid once Marketing Strategies has confirmed its receipt to the client. This includes but is not limited to
-Shared Web Hosting Services, VPS/Dedicated Services, Reseller Hosting Services, Domain Registrations and SSL Security Certificates/Technology Platforms, Chat Systems, Digital Media Advertising.

If the notification procedure described above is not fulfilled, the client authorizes Marketing Strategies to renew the service originally contracted and to process all the corresponding charges. This charge will not be refundable and the service will continue without modification for the time charged.

For further help with your refund, we welcome your comments

Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again.
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.

Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted.
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at support@mkt-strategies.com.